Lighting is a passion of mine. 

Let's just start right there.  Lighting, to me, is a fun and challenging component of studio work (and outdoor work, too).  There are so many ways to create different moods, a different look, or set the tone for the subject that you're photographing. 

I spent over 7 years as the primary content/course creator for Henry's Learning Lab (formerly Henry's School of Imaging).   I am currently a featured instructor for Henry's, teaching multi-week photography courses at varying levels at their flagship location at Queen and Church St. each week.  I love teaching those classes and helping people make great progress along their photographic path. 

My interest in photography stretches back to the 1980's with Minolta film cameras.  But I've been a passionate teacher for much of my adult life.  I've been told that I have a clear, concise and patient way of transferring skills.  

Lighting fascinates me. As I strived to learn all about it, I attended far too many workshops.  I wanted to know the secrets, the vital elements, the true methods for lighting.  I found the entire exercise a bit frustrating. 

I discovered a few things about learning this stuff:

  • You don't know what you don't know (and therefore what to ask)
  • A lot of workshops are just shooting opportunities disguised as learning workshops
    (there's nothing wrong with pure shooting workshops, so long as they are advertised as such)

  • A good photographer is not necessarily a good teacher

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a little about me - and how i can help you

The bottom line

I have a very strong background in course creation, photography and teaching.  

I've designed lighting courses that are intended to provide real skills transfer, and help you create the lighting that you want.  This is more than just "here's a handful of lighting setups". It's all about teaching you the mechanics of how light, the modifiers and everything actually works.  

The idea going forward is that, if you know HOW things work, you will know what to do when things DON'T work.   If the light isn't doing what you want or need, you will be given the knowledge to improve your situation.