Lighting Classes by James Ogilvie

Gene G.

Despite a life-long photography hobby this was my first opportunity to step into a pro studio behind the camera. James did a great job of demystifying studio lighting and laying out the fundamentals in a simple, easy-to-understand, and very hands-on way. I'm reeling from how much I learned in such a short period of time and am still rubbing my eyes at a few of my captures. I'm excited and inspired, and now I'm wondering "what's next?" 
– Gene Goykhman (@genegoykhman)

Marvin J. 

Prior to doing this workshop I'd felt daunted by the concept of photo studios with their elaborate lighting setups, specialized equipment and accessories; to me it all seemed baffling, highly complex and somewhat mysterious. This fantastic half-day long workshop led by James Ogilvie, though, really made so many concepts clear to me and I found the field not so intimidating after all. James led us through working with different types of light, strobe configurations, light setups and falloff, secondary lighting, modifiers, working with subjects/models, plus so many other lighting concepts too numerous to mention.
The workshop took place in a fully equipped photo studio with professional models, makeup artist and assistant. Our gracious, beautiful and friendly models that day were Christina Mackintosh and Annie McDayter. Gelareh Kamazani was the Makeup Artist for the session and did a fabulous job on the models' makeup and hair, while Kat Singer assisted in the studio in numerous ways.
I came away from the session feeling that this was one of the most rewarding workshops I've ever done. I learned a great deal and, now with increased confidence, have a strong desire to further explore portraiture photography.

Host: James Ogilvie + Henry's Learning Lab, Toronto
Leader: James Ogilvie

here's what attendees had to say about the workshop experience

Joanne C.

Thank you so very much for teaching us everything that was interesting, relevant, and useful with lighting and photography - for me, indeed it was. Additionally, your team was wonderful. They made us feel comfortable, gave us useful tips, and provided a helping hand whenever needed - which all contributed to making this an even more fantastic course.

Overall, while the content was very new to me, it was nonetheless fun and interesting and has further brought more inspiration to my early days of photography. I can barely wait to take more amazingly magical photos using the techniques you taught us.

Brent S. 

Just wanted to say thanks so much for an incredible lighting workshop!! I had some experience in lighting set-up before but I still learned so much!!!
You are born to teach my friend!!! The setups were great! especially the beauty dish and 2 accent lights. Something I had never thought of.
The models were fun and beautiful and the equipment, top notch! Thanks also to Kat! She was a great assistant!
I am looking forward to the next time we can work together again!

David V.

James, thank you again for putting together an amazing workshop.  The hands-on format coupled with the thorough explanation and versatile lighting choices made this a hugely rewarding workshop.  Well worth the time and the money.

Robert S.

I just wanted to thank you for the great workshop on Complete lighting! I had no idea how professional lighting and set up could effect the picture quality so much. When I got home I compared what I had shot under your guidance and professional lighting strobes  to what I was able to do at home with normal flash equipment, wow, what a difference.
 I learned that the models are actually just human, (previously I was unsure) and found that they are easy to work with. Professionals are really good at their jobs and seemed to make getting interesting poses easy. This really boosted my confidence and I would have no trouble hiring models for events in the future, even if it was only to add great pictures to my portfolio.
It was very educational to see a Professional Photographer in action; see the problems encountered and dealt with in real time, with the ability of being able to ask questions.
I found this event worth every cent and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering working with professional equipment, or wondering if professional photography might be something they would like.

Bruce D.

Thank you so much for having me at your class. it was great, I found it all to be very helpful. And hope you continue teaching since it was a great learning experience and atmosphere to be around

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