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Lighting Classes by James Ogilvie

Assistant:  Jon White

Venue:  Studio 311

Jonathan White is a Waterloo based commercial photographer. He believes that understanding how to use and shape light, whether outdoor or in the studio, is key to creating engaging visual works.

Studio 311 is a large 1300 sq ft, fully featured loft style studio in Riverdale (Toronto).  Featuring authentic rustic features, large windows for natural light if needed, blackout curtains, seamless paper support, and multiple wide open shooting angles and options. 

This studio is perfect for our workshop.  It is large, open, and highly configurable to suit our needs with the ability to have multiple shooting setups simultaneously.  

Model One: Daria Sells

A second model will be added to the event once sales reach 70%  (7 seats) sold.  Stay tuned!